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Tao of Badass

Attracting women is not rocket science, but why waste time figuring it out on your own when the Tao of Badass Ebook guide will teach you Today! It entails some very simple and basic things which you need to respond to. By learning how to attract women, you will understand the nature of women. Even those girls whom you always think are unbreakable, can be subdued if you follow these tips on attracting women.

Confidence: There is a big difference between being arrogant and confident. Although being arrogant can be helpful in some situations, it would be appropriate to avoid it when you’re trying to get a girl. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong type of woman. Girls want to see men who are very confident. No woman would want to be with people who think low about themselves. Confidence would enable you see things in the right perspective and not to lose faith in yourself.

Charisma: Just like confidence, charisma is also a very essential aspect. You can build charisma and become confident with girls with the guidance of sublime messages.

Be well groomed: This is quite obvious to everyone. It’s true that girls give much priority to what guys think but they also expect the guy to be well-dressed and good looking. Furthermore, taking good care of yourself won’t do you any harm. Just put yourself in a woman’s shoes. Would you want to be with somebody who does not look well groomed and descent? Just adopt basic hygiene measures. Bathe regularly, comb, brush and so on.

Listen and respond to what she says: Conversation between you and your woman shouldn’t be one way only. Discuss current issues and seek her opinion. Furthermore, women like people who want to know more about them. So ask them about their interests and listen keenly to what they have to say rather than just hearing. This way, she would know that you’re attentive to her and thus would develop interest in you.

Be humorous: Girls like men with a sense of humor. If you see your friends who aren’t good looking but are loved by women, chances are that they’ve a good sense of humor and magnetic personality.

Be social: Girls love guys who can easily get along with their friends. If her friends approve of you, it would be the most significant and biggest approval she gets. Due to this reason, if you don’t get along with her friends, you would certainly be dumped for a better man.

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